PE£ºThe coloring was a milky white translucent, waxy; touch the products have the feeling of creamy, soft and tough; slightly stretchy. Generally low-density polyethylene is a softer, better transparency; high density polyethylene hard.
Common products: bag, water pipes, oil drums, and beverage bottles (calcium bottle), daily necessities and so on.

PP£ºUncolored, white translucent, waxy, lighter than polyethylene, and transparency than the polyethylene than polyethylene rigid.
Common products: pots, barrels, furniture, film, bags, caps, car bumpers.

PS£ºUncolored transparent. Floor or beat products, metal-like crisp sound, gloss and transparency well, similar to glass, the sexual urge is easy to break a fingernail scratches the surface of the work in progress. Modified polystyrene opaque.
Common products: stationery, cups, food containers, appliance housings, electrical accessories.

PVC£ºColor light yellow translucent luster. The transparency is better than polyethylene, polypropylene, worse than polystyrene, with additive, into the hardness of the soft and hard PVC, soft products soft and tough, feel sticky, hard products is higher than the low-density polyethylene, but lower than polypropylene, bleaching in the inflection.

PET£ºGood lightness, strength and toughness better than polystyrene and polyvinyl chloride, not broken.
Common products: often the products of bottles, such as cola, mineral water bottles.

ABS£ºGood overall performance, tough, hard, rigid, good engineering thermoplastics. Mold shrinkage is small, the product has good dimensional stability. Non-toxic, odorless, low water absorption. Easy to carry out the painting, dyeing, electroplating and other surface decoration.
Common products: household appliances, housing, automotive interiors, toys, electronic components.

Nylon£ºLight and hard, high mechanical strength, good wear resistance and self-lubricating, good electrical insulation and chemical stability, non-toxic.
Common products: rope, film, electronic appliances, toys.

PC£ºResistance to impact toughness of the first thermoplastic, high transparency, creep resistance and dimensional stability. Good heat resistance, water absorption, good dielectric properties, acid, and oil.
Common products: CD-ROM, lens, electrical, glass doors and windows.

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