Waste plastics crusher mill production line (100-1000KG / H)

  To meet part of the waste plastics recycling process need (powder fineness of 5-100 mesh production process requires the preparation of equipment), and design of the crushing mill production line with automated assembly-line capacity.

Success Stories:
  A variety of film class crushing mill production line (such as: PVC film, PE film, PP film ......), thin film characteristics, divided into meal production line (5-25 mesh) and fine powder production line (30 mesh -80mesh);
    The pipe profiles class crushing mill production line (such as: PVC pipes, trunking, window frames, profiles, plates, a variety of wood-plastic ...), powder fineness of 40-100 mesh, suitable for adding a new compound, the recycling of waste plasticproducts, cost savings;
    The injection blow molding class crushing mill production line (such as: various types of electrical enclosures, head material, outlet material, plastic drums, boating ......), powder fineness of 20-80 mesh, to meet rotational molding and other production needs;
    Artificial leather crushing mill production line (such as: PVC artificial leather scrap ...), powder fine 20-60 mesh, the effective separation of other impurities, recycling PVC ingredients;
    Car tire class broken mill production line (such as: car inner tubes, car tire ...), powder fineness of 5-25 mesh, plastic track construction, production and utilization of rubber and plastic products;
     Other plastics crushing mill production line to meet the automated assembly-line processing of all kinds of plastic products into powder state.

1、Humanized design, automatic high degree of safety and convenience of operation, device stability and durability;
2、Automated assembly line operations, high efficiency, high yield, greatly reduce the recycling cost of production;
3、The full set of equipment design is very compact, to minimize the area, conservation of resources;
4、The main parts are noise design, minimal noise when the production line open operations;
5、The important parts are equipped with water cooling system to meet the continuous non-stop machine operation;
6、Equipment design with a dust removal system, dust effective control and ensure the production workshop clean.


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