HaiFei Machinery Co., Ltd. has always attached great importance to investment in technology and equipment. The initial plant, parts and processing of products rely on a common mechanical processing equipment. After years of development and growth, as well as domestic and foreign markets in recent years the growth in demand for plastic recycling equipment, HaiFei expand with domestic and international advanced level of precision machining capacity to meet the number of markets for our products, quality requirements, to ensure product played a key role in the quality stable and reliable.
  The high-quality products can not be separated from the professional design and advanced processing equipment.
  HaiFei founder (now the HaiFei, Zhangjiagang City Machinery Co., Ltd. Enterprise Legal Person) engaged in waste plastic recycling equipment (crusher, mill, mixer and related machinery) to design and manufacture of over twenty years, has rich experience in production, and personally led the backbone of the enterprise technology to take root in the workshop, do a good job of product quality. With rich experience in production, the use of advanced design software, sea fly continuously for customers to quickly design, manufacturing high-quality, environmentally friendly grinding equipment.
  Recent years, with a global economic recovery, in order to meet the requirements of the market for our products and the quantity, quality, sea fly expanding production capacity, the introduction of high-precision processing equipment, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, jig boring, surface grinding, plasma cutting machine CNC flame cutting machine ...


Device Description:
Coordinate boring machine, to ensure that the height of the box center hole same center, the accuracy can be controlled at 0.01mm
Large lathes, precision machining to ensure that the large grinder spindle, the accuracy can be controlled in 0.01mm
Surface grinder to ensure the smooth surface of the important parts, the accuracy can be controlled at 0.01mm
CNC milling machine, to ensure that the parts precision machining of various types of rules, the accuracy can be controlled at 0.01mm
Plasma, CNC flame cutting machine, shape parts to ensure efficient processing of various rules, the accuracy can be controlled at 0.10mm

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