SWP series crusher is mainly used to crush kinds of plastic pipe, profile, the long plastic tubing, profiles without cutting segment a single continuous feeding. Such as PVC pipe, PE pipes, PP pipes, PPR pipe, nylon pipe, a variety of profiles, sheets, window frames, 3 m, 6 m long broken ...
°°°°According to the degree of difficulty of the broken material, you can choose the appropriate rotor, such as straight blade rotor, parallel to the blade rotor, V-blade rotor, the ladder-type blade rotor°≠°≠

1°ĘLong plastic pipes, profiles do not need cutting section can be directly broken;
2°ĘBroken particles of uniform, and with fans pumping particles directly bagging warehousing;
3°ĘDouble-layer design of the hopper, the feed port with hanging type curtain, broken and low noise;
4°ĘReplace the blade, screen, respectively, with a spiral screw handwheel operation;
5°ĘHeavy-duty rotor and can meet the high hardness, thick-walled, ductile pipes, profiles°£


Technical parameters£ļ
The main components   Tool (using high-quality tool alloy steel), bearings (Luoyang Bearing, heavy-duty bearings)
Conventional models     SWP400°ĘSWP450°ĘSWP500°ĘSWP550°ĘSWP600°ĘSWP800
Rotor width    315mm-800mm£®0.315m-0.8m£©
Motor Power    11KW-75KW£®15HP-100HP£©
Fan power     3KW-7.5KW£®4HP-10HP£©

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