PEP series crusher, I introduced the German PE pipe crushing technology developed from. Specialized for crushing large diameter PE pipes, PVC pipes, bellows, has been widely used in plastic pipe industry.

1¡¢The root of large-caliber long plastic pipe without cutting the segments can be directly broken;
2¡¢Advanced design, reasonable structure, rugged and convenient tool changer, simple to operate;
3¡¢The equipment of the same model specifications, can be broken more than the specifications of different diameter size of pipe;
4¡¢The mechanical parts with a closure plate to form a closed structure to ensure shredder safety;
5¡¢Compared with the other broken equipment, the PEP series crusher high production efficiency, low energy consumption;
6¡¢The high degree of automation, with screw feeders, broken equipment, belt conveyor device;


Technical parameters
The main components?Tool (using high-quality tool alloy steel), bearings (Luoyang Bearing, heavy-duty bearings)
Conventional models    PEP630  PEP1200  PEP2000
The largest diameter    630mm  1200mm  2000mm
Host power    22KW+5.5KW37KW+11KW   45KW+18.5KW
Crushing power    11KW-30KW£¨15HP-40HP£©
Two broken    Coarse crushing particle crushing crusher by conveyor equipment directly into the high degree of automation
Electrical control    Independent electric box control

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