¡¡¡¡PC series crusher is mainly applicable to the use of PVC, polypropylene, nylon, engineering plastics and soft polyethylene foam material from waste products, or injection nozzle imported materials and foresee such as broken. Such as replacing the appropriate sieve and adjust the blade clearance, but also crushing blow film, sheet, sheets, box class, blow molding parts and other plastic products.
¡¡¡¡PC series of powerful crushing machine, according to the diversification of the broken material, you can choose a different structure of the rotor, such as ladder arrangement of the claw-type blade rotor, flat-blade rotor, V-blade rotor¡­¡­

1¡¢Machine, elegant, color coordination, paint solid;
2¡¢Into the hopper, crushing room, sieve bucket separation of design and easy handling;
3¡¢The soft-washed room to feed and imported curtain design, avoid material Splash;
4¡¢Crushing chamber anterior and posterior wall double glazed, low noise when crushed;
5¡¢The motor is equipped with over load protection devices and power supply interlock protection system;
6¡¢Optional conveyor automatic feeding, suction fan automatic discharge;


Technical parameters£º
The main components   Tool (using high-quality tool alloy steel), bearings (Luoyang Bearing, heavy-duty bearings)
Conventional models    PC250¡¢PC300¡¢PC400¡¢PC500¡¢PC600¡¢PC800¡¢PC1000¡¢PC1200¡­
Rotor width    250mm-1200mm£¨0.25 m-1.2m£©
Motor Power    4KW-75KW£¨5.5HP-100HP£©
Fan power    3KW-7.5KW£¨4HP-10HP£©

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