Designed for a large number of broken a variety of materials and special design, such as packaged bundles of thin films, bulk solid body of material blocks the outlet material, thick-walled pipes, trays, car bumpers, wood and other non-metallic products.

    1¡¢Crusher rotor with a special knife block, square knife block can be installed. Square knife block design ensures high efficiency of cutting, and to prevent heat generation. Square knife block, a corner wear, simply convert the knife block direction can continue to use. According to the customer's broken materials and the final particle requirements, you can select a different tool and mesh.
    2¡¢The tool height is adjustable to accommodate different materials.
    3¡¢Knife block bolted for easy cleaning and maintenance.
    4¡¢In order to better fragmentation of the large volume of material, such as the solid material, trays, hydraulic push rod jagged pusher plate. In order to prevent the material between the push feeder and crushing chamber to push the plot up, push feeder installed nylon skateboard, broken material smoothly into the crushing chamber. Pushed by the hydraulic control feeder material to be broken to constantly push the rotor, if the machine is overloaded, the rotor will reverse, push feeder to stop progress, return to the start bit.


Technical parameters
The main components?Tool (using high-quality tool alloy steel), bearings (Luoyang Bearing, heavy-duty bearings)
Conventional models    PEP630  PEP1200  PEP2000
The largest diameter    630mm  1200mm  2000mm
Host power    22KW+5.5KW37KW+11KW   45KW+18.5KW
Crushing power    11KW-30KW£¨15HP-40HP£©
Two broken    Coarse crushing particle crushing crusher by conveyor equipment directly into the high degree of automation
Electrical control    Independent electric box control

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