Double roll crusher selected two groups of advanced alloy steel cutter mutual shear, and a variety of soft and hard materials broken. Therefore widely used in a variety of solid waste, plastics, waste household appliances, paper, leather, rubber and other rough broken, broken jobs.

    This series of crusher is difficult to crush chunks of material, basket material, pipe, sheet metal, wood, tires, large thin-film single-roll crusher can be broken;
    Precision machining of special thick plate frame structure, a strong axis of rotation of large angle hexagonal columns, large diameter solid cast hopper, which can be assured that investment in large-scale raw materials;
    Design in terms of thickness, shape, order processing unique rotary knife, shear and strong, sharp blade can crush high efficiency;
    PLC control, handling objects too large too much with Reversible and shutdown functions to protect the body, foolproof security measures;
    Low speed, low noise, less dust;
    Tool made ??from special alloy steel, durable;


Technical parameters
Conventional models    HFD60250HFD60300HFD60400
Motor Power    75+75KW110+110KW132+132KW
Hydraulic power    11KW-15KW15HP-20HP
Feeder configuration    Can be equipped with automatic feeding conveyor system, easy operation, low labor intensity

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