Broken room with a V-shaped rotor design to ensure safe and reliable operation. Suitable for crushing all kinds of materials, even the larger of the material is no exception. Either broken injection module gate, profiles, sheet or film, GSC Series models can be broken out of the high quality of uniform particles.
  GSC series models of economic, reliable, easy to clean, and long life. Sea fly, Zhangjiagang Machinery Co., Ltd. provides a variety of auxiliary equipment, such as conveyor belts, material handling devices, metal detectors, metal separators, dust separator ...´

  GSC noise closed every other speaker crushing machine design, low noise operation. Every speaker runtime replacement of the rotor blade and screen into the crushing chamber.
  GSC Series models are designed according to different materials. The entire design is very compact, can be moved. The whole machine can lift or move the forklift or other lifting equipment standards.
  Rotor tool using the latest V-shaped cutting technology. Compared with the traditional tool, V-shaped design can be material to push the rotor central continuous cut. The V-shaped structure can reduce the wear of the tool and the crushing chamber.
  The unique tool designed to make the tool easy to replace. Tool adjustment with an adjustment of the frame, the tool change process in the crusher. The set of knives and knife use high tensile strength, high-quality alloy steel, regrinding several times.
  The unique crushing chamber and rotor design, even if it is a continuous feed, crushing chamber is not blocked.


Technical parameters
The main components?Tool (using high-quality tool alloy steel), bearings (Luoyang Bearing, heavy-duty bearings)
Conventional models    GSC300/300、GSC300/600、GSC300/800、GSC300/1000、GSC500/500
Motor Power   7.5KW-90KW10HP-120HP
Fan power    3KW-15KW4HP-20HP
Feeder configuration can be equipped with automatic feeding conveyor system, easy operation, low labor intensity

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