WSM series knife disc mill is mainly applied to the particles of a variety of PVC pipe sheet profiles and wood-plastic particles, coke bottle label paper, artificial marble mill made of flour, is the process of recycling scrap of plastics processing equipment.

    The machine work is part of the cutter, high-speed particles in the impact of the tooth plate was partially crushed by the suction air out, while larger particles continue to impact, crushed after being drawn. This reduces the load on the cutter, to improve milling efficiency, and make powder of uniform cooling.
The low temperature is the main advantages of the aircraft. Mechanical equivalent of heat: 860 kilocalories per hour of work. This machine outside ventilation wind capacity 50m3/kw, and take away most of the heat from the inlet and outlet temperature difference. Small part of the heat from the water cooling solution. Requirements: The cooling water inlet temperature is not greater than 25 degrees, the outlet temperature is not greater than 45 degrees, an appropriate increase in cold water flow in summer, in order to reduce the temperature.
Box door are equipped with seals and pipe joints, gaskets, to ensure that no dust escape. Discharge port located on fans, air vents with 16-hole dust bag, to ensure that the working environment is clean, clean.


Technical parameters
Tool of the main components of the grinding plate made ??of high quality alloy steel, bearing Luoyang Bearing
Conventional models  WSM400WSM500WSM520WSM550WSM600WSM800
Rotor diameter  400mm-800mm0.4-0.8ף
Host power  30KW-75KW40HP-100HP
Suction fan  3KW-11KW4HP-15HP
Off the wind machine  0.75KW-1.5KW1HP-2HP
Vibration motor  0.75KW-2.2KW1HP-3HP
Fineness of  10Ŀ-100Ŀ
Yield  150KG/H-500KG/H

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