The SMP series of high-speed turbo mill is in the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced equipment on the basis of carefully designed and developed to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers successful. He is the ideal equipment for grinding of rigid PVC and other plastic products, the production process of recycling scrap of plastics processing equipment. Practical professional factory of plastic products that 20-30% grinding powder processing formulations, chemical physical properties of its products to maintain the various indicators of the new material constant. Therefore, the plastic factory savings to solve the problem of tired of waste and defective set.

    1¡¢This unit features water cooling, for rigid PVC pipes, profiles, sheet metal pellet mill;
    2¡¢Vibration principle of ultrasonic eddy current wave of pressure generated by high-speed rotation of the spindle (rotor) of native raw materials once into a powder;
    3¡¢Sharpening, grinding of high quality steel, heat treatment, good wear resistance, suitable for continuous operation;
    4¡¢This machine is small, compact, fully sealed, no dust overflow;
    5¡¢This function by virtue of its own formation pressure to transfer material.


Technical parameters
Conventional models  SMP-300¡¢SMP-400¡¢SMP-500
Rotor diameter  300mm-500mm£¨0.3Ã×-0.5Ã×£©
Motor Power  22KW-37KW£¨30HP-50HP£©
Electrical configuration  Independent electric box control cabinet

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