MF Series disc mill sea fly absorb advanced technology from Germany developed a series of mill, suitable for soft PVC, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP,, the ABS, EVA, PP-R, film, nylon, rubber ...
Proof of practical professional factory of plastic products, milling materials processing recovery of 20% -30%, the indicators of physical and chemical properties of its products to maintain a new material constant, therefore, is a plastic factory in this savings to address the recycling of waste and defective equipment...

    1Compared with the same type of mill, in the case of the same power output by 100% -200%, reduce energy consumption;
    2With material related to fan out, increase the dust collection equipment, to effectively reduce dust pollution, the work environment clean and tidy;
    3Off the fan discharge, vibration screening material failure feed back to the mill operations automatically, without manual operation;
    4Feng shui cold, reduce the operating temperature of the body, to ensure uninterrupted milling operations;
    5User-friendly cabinet design, open the door, repair and replacement tool, adjust the cutter gap to facilitate safe.



Technical parameters
The main components    Cutter (imported from Japan), bearings (imported from Sweden), the rotary joint (Germany)
Conventional models    MF500MF600MF800
Host power    37KW-55KW50HP-75HP
Suction fan    3KW-11KW4HP-15HP
Off the wind machine    0.75KW-1.5KW1HP-2HP
Vibration motor    0.75KW-2.2KW1HP-3HP
Fineness of    5Ŀ-80Ŀ
Yield    100KG/H-400KG/H

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