HaiFei machinery with advanced technology and management, domestic and foreign enterprises, individuals to provide high-quality plastic recycling equipment, such as plastic crusher equipment, milling equipment, mixing equipment, transportation equipment, screening equipment and other plastic auxiliary machinery, the main products, world-renowned. Sea and flying mechanical invite you to join us one, we also believe that we can bring you great business opportunities and a higher value!

Joined the Notes:
1、The Company's products in the region (area) is not authorized exclusive agent partners;
2、Joined the company (individual) must have a formal, legal business procedures, there are relatively fixed office place of business;
3、Joined the company (individual) should have good commercial credibility;
4、Good social relations, have some knowledge of the plastics auxiliary equipment;
5、Company (individual) sales;
6、There are after-sales technician for professional maintenance staff or training;
7、Franchisees can be directly linked to the officer or send your information to the enterprise mailbox;
8、Your joining information shall include the following specific elements: the name of the company (individual), the nature of the enterprise (individual), type of enterprise (Individual) Introduction, scope of business, principal place of business and contact telephone information;

    Cooperate in good faith, SiXian thirst, if you have some sales ability, good social relations are welcome to join us, sea and fly to provide you with comprehensive technical support, and can the training area (regional) operators.

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