Zhangjiagang Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in Jiangsu Zhangjiagang, the company focused on the manufacture of plastic crushing machinery, auxiliary machinery more than 20 years. Our economy crusher crusher and heavy-duty crusher, and noise crusher, crushing the particles is uniform and detailed.
  There are some special models, such as pipe and profile design of the crusher, mill, etc., are subject to domestic and foreign customers. If the various profiles, small and medium diameter pipe, thick-walled PE pipe, PP pipe, PP-R pipe, high-strength engineering plastics pipe, large diameter drain pipes, gas pipes ´´
  Zhangjiagang Machinery Co., Ltd. is proud to launch a series of crushing mill production lines, to meet some of the plastics recycling process needs. Crushed to a powder mill made from plastics, classification bagging, fully automated assembly line operations more efficient, greener, more energy-efficient recycling of waste plastics. The main work site noise design, the noise at work; important parts are equipped with water cooling system to ensure continuous operation; the material parts are equipped with dust removal system, dust recovery, and ensure clean production workshop; the entire production line design is very compact , small footprint, the device stability and durability; with separate control cabinet, safe and convenient operation...
Conventional production lines: a variety of film class crushing mill production line, pipe profiles class crushing mill production lines, injection blow molding class crushing mill production line, artificial leather crushing mill production line, tire rubber crushing mill production line, the fragmentation of other plastic productsmill production line´´
  Sea fly Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhangjiagang improve and update the GS crusher and GSH series heavy crusher, with every other speaker, and without every speaker two kinds of selection. Such models can solve almost all plastic crusher aspects of the problem. Equipment is economical and practical, safe and convenient operation, high degree of automation.
  The GSH series rotor uses the most advanced V-shaped cutting technology. V-shaped cutting technology in the recycling process will be broken material sent to the center of the blade,
 This avoids the material posted on the sidewall, also increases the wear resistance of the lateral wall of the ...

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