SRL-Z Series hot and cold mixing unit is mainly suitable for all kinds of resin such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other ingredients, mixing, coloring, drying, as well as ABS, polycarbonate and other engineering plastics molding, drying,devolatilization process can also be used a mixture of phenolic resin. The unit will be hot mix and cold mix process combine to complete the hot mix material automatically enters its cooling, after deducting the residual gas, and prevent caking.

Technical parameters£º
    The unit digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology developed from the use of PLC control, with a high degree of automation, good mixing effect, full-featured, compact structure, beautiful appearance and so on, is the ideal equipment for compounding.


Technical parameters
Conventional models  SRL-Z50/100¡¢SRL-Z100/200¡¢SRL-Z200/500¡¢SRL-Z300/600¡¢SRL-Z300/1000¡¢SRL-Z500/1000¡¢SRL-Z500/1600¡¢SRL-Z800/1600¡¢SRL-Z800/2000
Total volume of  50/100L-800/2000L£¨50/100KG-800/2000KG£©
Motor Power  7/11/5.5KW - 83/110/30KW
Heating methods  Electric heating and heat from the friction
Discharge mode  Pneumatic discharge and manual unloading
Electric is equipped Independent electric box control cabinet

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