SRL-W Series hot and cold mixing unit, the main ingredients, mixing, drying, coloring and other technology applicable to a variety of plastic profiles, the best device of choice by the pipe manufacturer.

1¡¢Cooler horizontal structure, with a cooling area, the speed, the more are the characteristics of the device has received the 2002 Tianjin international invention patents and new technologies and products Expo Gold Medal;
2¡¢The lid is double sealed, the lid opens using Pneumatics;
3¡¢The electric control system adopts the brand-name instruments and control components to achieve automatic control;
4¡¢Optional pulse dust recovery;
5¡¢Blades, pulleys, etc. through the static and dynamic balance testing machine special treatment;
6¡¢Can be optional simple feeding system.


Technical parameters£º
Conventional models  SRL-W200/500¡¢SRL-W300/600¡¢SRL-W300/1000¡¢SRL-W500/1000¡¢SRL-W500/1600¡¢SRL-W800/2000¡¢SRL-W800/2500¡¢SRL-W1000/3000¡¢SRL-W800¡Á2/4000
Total volume of  200/500L-800¡Á2/4000L£¨200/500KG-800¡Á2/4000KG£©
Motor Power  30/42/7.5KW -2¡Á83/110/37KW
Heating methods  Electric heating and heat from the friction
Discharge mode  Pneumatic discharge
Electric is equipped Independent electric box control cabinet

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