SHR-A-high-speed heating mixer is mainly used for coloring of PVC resin mixing, coloring, polyethylene particles, dry, ABS, polycarbonate and other hygroscopic resin molding dry phenolic resin hybrid processes. He is one of the essential equipment of the plastic processing plants, rubber, pharmaceuticals, dyes and other industries also have a wide range of uses.

    1¡¢SHR series has quickly mixed and the mixture is uniform, resin plasticizer absorbent, machine easy to operate, easy to clean, durable. In recent years, of SHR-A-Series mixer is widely used in various plastics industry.
    2¡¢Advanced design, convenient operation, safe, reliable, small size, light weight, high efficiency, energy consumption, low noise, is your ideal purchase products.


Technical parameters
The main components  Liner, blade quality stainless steel lid, the discharge port precision machining of aluminum castings
Conventional models  SHR-50A¡¢SHR-100A¡¢SHR-200A¡¢SHR-300A¡¢SHR-500A¡¢SHR-800A
Total volume of  50L-800L£¨50KG-800KG£©
Motor Power  7/11KW  14/22KW  30/42KW  40/55KW  47/67KW  60/90KW
Heating methods  Electric heating and heat from the friction
Discharge mode  Pneumatic discharge and manual unloading
Power with independent electric box control cabinet

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