¡¡¡¡LSH series hybrid dryer, apply to materials for rapid mixing and dehumidification drying. The rapid rotation of the screw to the raw material from the bottom of the barrel from the center upgraded to the top of the umbrella fly cast scattered back to the bottom of such raw material mixing roll up and down in the barrel, and a short period of time is about to a large number of raw materials uniform mixing is completed. Barrel at the top with hot air blowing device, hot air is constantly blown umbrella whereabouts of materials, more efficient removal of material in the water.

1¡¢Spiraling cycle of mixing makes the mixing of raw materials is more uniform, rapid, and dehumidification drying faster;
2¡¢Applicable to all kinds of plastic raw materials and masterbatch mixing new and old materials and masterbatch mix is ??better;
3¡¢Equipment and materials in contact parts are made of high quality stainless steel, easy to clean, to avoid corrosion;
4¡¢The machine is equipped with electronically controlled safety protection device to ensure safe operation, convenient;


Technical parameters
Conventional models  LSH-500KG  LSH-1000KG  LSH-2000KG  LSH-3000KG  LSH-5000KG
Material storage volume  500KG-5000KG£¨0.5T-5T£©
Mixing Power  1.5KW-11KW£¨2HP-15HP£©
Fan power  0.55KW-3KW£¨0.75HP-4HP£©
Heating power  24KW-72KW

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