Use £º
¡¡¡¡Applies to the material grading granulated powder, liquid screening. Typically used for the powder after the milling machine milling fineness screening.

1¡¢Ensure that materials are not contaminated with material contact parts are made ??of stainless steel;
2¡¢Sieve rack Ministry of tile immortal steel mesh, and can choose different specifications of mesh changer and convenient;
3¡¢High screening efficiency, uniform separation, can be equipped with different specifications sieve filter.


Technical parameters£º
Conventional models  ZDS-600  ZDS-800  ZDS-1000  ZDS-1200  ZDS-1500
Motor Power  0.4KW-1.5KW£¨0.55HP-2HP£©
Filter fineness  5Ä¿-100Ä¿

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