Usually used for the delivery of materials, conveying the material from the low end of the supreme end, to achieve the role of automatic feeding. Such as plastic bottles, thin film head materials, injection molded parts, products, etc. delivered to the crusher to complete the automatic feed operation.

1¡¢Motor with infinitely variable motor speed can be adjusted, conveying a balanced and stable;
2¡¢The high degree of automation, easy operation, and greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator;
3¡¢The surface of the conveyor belt has a specific interval block bar, improve the efficiency of material handling;
4¡¢Rack with sliding wheels (pulley lockable) below at any time convenient to move the conveyor;
5¡¢Full set of equipment design reasonable, elegant appearance and durability;


Technical parameters£º
Motor selection - infinitely variable speed motor (speed can be adjusted)
Other parameters - according to the nature of materials to customer demand

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